Kingston Family Pictures | A Motherhood Mini Session

May 19, 2021

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Kingston Family Pictures

Kingston Family Pictures for Mother’s Day

I am so excited to share these beautiful Kingston family pictures! Emma, Abby, and their mother Amy are all so beautiful!! These photos were taken as part of my Motherhood Mini Session series. The session was actually a gift from Amy’s sister in law. What an amazing gift idea! This session ended up looking like a fairytale, or something right out of a dream! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from this gorgeous session.

Photographing in Green Places

Here is a little photography tip for the photographers reading this! Photographing in green places can be very hard for photographers who shoot in a light, airy, and natural style like I do. I prefer skin tones to look true to life. Spring in New England is so hard to photograph in, because everything is GREEN in spring!!!! It can create color casts that give skin tones a yucky green tint. Almost NO amount of editing can fix color casts. This is why I use a reflector, find a natural reflector, or use a white blanket in front of my subjects. You can’t tell in many of the pictures, but in every single “standing” image I took at this session, the girls were standing behind a white blanket. I absolutely despise color casts and avoid them as much as humanly possible.

What to Wear for Mother Daughter Pictures

These ladies are the perfect example of what to wear for family pictures! I recommend light, neutral colors or pastels. For moms, I always recommend a long flowy dress or skirt. I recommend this for several reasons. Firstly, long flowy dresses and skirts are extremely flattering to the figure. Secondly, the bottom part of the dress or the skirt can actually end up serving as a gorgeous “backdrop”. Do you see the image of Abby with her head on her mother’s lap? The light blue dress is serving as such a beautiful backdrop in that photo. If Amy had been wearing jeans, the photo would just not be the same. During my own family pictures this year, I wore a long blue flowy skirt. The photographer captured a picture of my baby crawling, and I was standing behind him. My skirt gave the photo the most beautiful backdrop to the crawling baby! The photo would not have been the same without the beautiful fabric flowing in the background!

Other Outfit Ideas

Not sure what to wear for your Kingston family pictures? I’ve got you! I have a webpage for my clients with exact links to all of my favorite dresses and skirts! I also have a Client Closet with a selection of beautiful gowns and skirts for you to borrow!

Book Your Own Kingston Family Pictures

If you are interested in booking your own Kingston family pictures, visit my website to learn more or book now!

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For your family portraits, do keep in mind that you should contact me as soon as possible to schedule. My calendar for the year does usually fill up by mid-summer!

Christina Runnals is a nationally published Massachusetts photographer who specializes in taking portraits that are light-filled and full of joy! She has photographed families all over New England and it is one of her absolute favorite parts of her job.   If you are ready to book your family portraits, she is always so excited to be considered!  Please check out her family portrait session page here for more information on pricing and booking!

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