Hi!  I'm Christina, a South Shore senior portrait photographer based in Scituate, Massachusetts. I founded my photography business five years ago with the mission to bring high-end, light filled images to clients looking for something special in their photoshoot experience.  I specialize in using natural sunlight to create a beautiful glow in my images, and my photography style is often described as light, airy, bright, and natural.  

I am beyond excited to provide South Shore high school seniors with a luxury senior portrait experience. I offer several packages so that everyone can pick the perfect option for themselves!

As the South Shore's premier senior photographer, Christina's senior portraits have helped teens gain confidence and see themselves in a new and beautiful light, and her senior work has been featured in Senior Muse Magazine, Modern Teen Style Magazine, and Senior Szn Magazine.

meet christina

Christina made the whole process so easy and stress free. I was at work when the link came with her proofs, I almost burst into tears of joy and pride. They were more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you Christina for giving me such breath taking memories to admire while I prepare to send my baby off to college.

Christina did my senior photos and was wonderful. She has a truly unique and specific way of customizing the shoot for all of her clients. I felt like Christina knew exactly what I wanted and the photos came out amazing. I would 100% recommend her if you want timeless photos to look back on.
OMG!  OMG!  The photos are stunning!  We can't thank you enough Christina!  My daughter is so excited by them, and I have to admit that my jaw dropped when I saw them.  You are a phenomenal photographer!  
Talented, organized, fun, creative, thoughtful...Christina is the best! I have always told my daughter she was born on a sunny day... and Christina captured that spirit with her bright and beautiful photos. Thank you! Thank you!
I just wanted to thank you for making what I thought would be very difficult (he hates getting his picture taken) afternoon into a really enjoyable time. I can’t believe how much you got him to smile! I can’t wait to see how they all come out. Thank you again!
Christina is a wonderful photographer! She did my daughter’s senior pictures and they were so good I set up a session for my other daughter. Christina is fun, easygoing, and just a very nice person. The quality of her pictures is amazing.
When you get your pictures done with Christina you get so much more than just pictures, you get an EXPERIENCE! Not only does she take AMAZING pictures but she also makes sure you’re comfortable the whole time and having fun! I 100% recommend her for senior pictures they all come out gorgeous and the hardest part is picking your favorites!!
My senior pictures were taken by Christina. Taking pictures isn’t really my thing and I had low confidence going into my session but she made it so that I was more than comfortable and felt like myself. Even when I thought I wasn't photogenic she made me feel beautiful and confident ! If i could i would recommend her 1000 times !
Christina did my senior pictures this summer and they came out SO good! I had never done a photo shoot before and she did such a good job making me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Her pictures are very different from a "traditional" senior portrait. Highly recommend her for any type of photo shoot!
Christina made taking senior photos a super fun event! Her enthusiasm and ability to connect with my daughter made for a wonderful experience. The photos were all completely outstanding.  Christina is professional, her website easy to make business happen and she is on top of following up/through.
I absolutely loved working with Christina! She made the whole process amazing, making me feel so comfortable and confident during the shoot! And in the end I got AMAZING senior pictures I can have forever! If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change one thing, I highly HIGHLY recommend going with Christina!.
Christina is the absolute best! She made me super comfortable and I felt like a model the whole time! She captured my personality perfectly and I am in love with every photo! I 100% recommend having her do any photo session! 
My photos came out incredible and looking like they came out of a fairytale!!  Christina knows so much about photography and will guide you through everything (poses, outfits, etc) making the shoot so easy and anxiety free! I can’t wait to work with her again!!
Christina is amazing! She’s so contagious with her energy, sweetness, and positivity! I highly recommend Christina Runnals Photography! You won’t be disappointed.
Christina did my daughters senior pictures and they were absolutely amazing! She made the shoot so easy and fun!! She is the best!! 


Don't get caught making one of these major mistakes at your senior session!  Read my top six tips for what to AVOID doing when planning your photoshoot wardrobe!

for your senior portraits!


Shoot me a note!  I'm excited to hear from you!

Thank you for reaching out!  I will try to get back to you within 48 hours. 

In the meantime, here are some FAQs answered:


Find out if I have availability by clicking the type of session you are interested in above.  If there are no options given for the month you desire, this means I am fully booked for that month!


These sessions are scheduled on a case by case basis. Click the type of session you are interested in to book!



Book your session by clicking the type of session you are interested in above.  If there are no options given for the month you desire, this means that I am fully booked for that month!


These sessions are scheduled on a case by case basis.  Click the type of session you are interested in to book!


I will provide you with a whole list of items to make sure to bring to your senior portrait session! But one special thing I like to suggest is to bring some kind of prop. This will give some of your senior portraits more of an "editorial" feel. Your "prop"could be as simple as a bouquet of flowers, a blanket, or a bottle of sparkling cider to pop. It could even be something like a bicycle, beautiful chair, or antique car!! I am happy to bring along a white blanket for you. In addition, I rent some larger items to be used during your session! I have a gorgeous antique chair and an adorable light yellow beach cruiser bicycle with a basket and leather trimmings!  


This is one of the most common questions asked by seniors having their senior portraits taken! When a senior books a session with me, I straight away send off my Senior Portrait Style Guide. My Style Guide is jam packed with all my BEST tips and tricks for flattering outfit choices. It also suggests colors that photograph beautifully on camera and compliment skin tones, and what accessories I recommend bringing. My style guide also provides you with a list of my favorite hair and makeup artists in the area. It also gives you tips on choosing your location/s!  

6. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR for my senior portraits?

This is a great question to ask your photographer! I always encourage you to bring a parent AND a friend along for your senior portraits. I also am happy to include well behaved pets in a few photos! In addition, I'd also love to snap a few pictures of you and your parent/friend during our shoot! 

5. Can i bring a friend, pet or parent along with me?!

For the type of location you use for your senior session, the sky's the limit!  Beaches are of course gorgeous for South Shore high school senior portraits.  Many seniors love to go the route of fields and tall grasses, or even a flower garden or urban setting!  It all depends on the kind of vibe you would like for your session.  Several of my packages give you the option for TWO locations - that way you don't have to choose and you get the best of both worlds!


This is important to know because your photographer may charge a fee to travel a certain distance!  I personally live in Scituate and will travel up to 15 miles for a session before a travel fee is added on.  Any location further than that, I do charge a travel fee. Make sure to check in with your photographer about this before booking! 


It is very important to make sure that your photographer is happy to reschedule your senior portrait session if it is bad weather the day of your session!. I personally will reschedule even if it very cloudy weather, unless my client would rather have their session anyways. I am happy to shoot in humidity, but will gladly reschedule your session if your hair gets frizzy in humidity- in fact, that is a question I ask in my questionnaire you will receive after booking your session!  


I suggest scheduling your senior portraits as soon as possible.  Typically, senior portraits in New England are taken the summer before your senior year.  Yearbook photos are often due by October or November.  In addition, the most beautiful times of year in New England are of course summer and autumn!   Ideally, you should book your portraits with me at least four months before your desired shoot date.  However, I very often have clients pre-book their session as early as an entire year in advance!  This is because they want to make sure they secure a prime spot.  Most senior prefer August or September.  June and July are also gorgeous, as is October!  If you’re booking at the last minute and can’t get the date you want, there is an option to request a sunrise session - sometimes I can accomadate these requests!


This is a very important question to ask your photographer!  At Christina Runnals Photography, all packages are all-inclusive.  This means the price you pay for your package covers everything. There is no session fee and then an additional fee for any digital images or prints.  Your package includes a specific number of digital images, and some packages include a print credit as well!  My Lighthouse Package even includes an entire separate mini session! 


Top questions to ask your south shore senior portrait photographer

There are sooo many photography styles out there, many of which are passing trends. Some trends make skin tones appear orange in huge, or even blue-ish or green-ish! And then, there are also some photographers who just don’t understand how to expose for skin tones or properly adjust what we call “white balance.” For your senior portraits, you will want a photographer who consistently produces images where skin tones and colors look like they would in real life. That way, when you look at these photos 20 years from now, after the “photography trends of today” have faded, your images will still look timeless and beautiful. So look through your prospective photographer’s social media or portfolio on their website. Do all the skin tones look like they would in real life? Do the rest of the colors in the image look natural? 

5. Find a photographer who produces images with natural, beautiful skin tones!  

I think the easiest way to decipher this one is to check your photographer’s Instagram or Facebook page and see how often they post pictures of seniors.  For me personally, senior portrait sessions are my favorite kinds of sessions and they are what I am most highly trained in doing. If I could take senior photos all year long, I would! But being in New England, most senior portraits are usually only taken in the months of June through October, so I also photograph lots of other types of sessions. While I LOVE my family sessions, newborn sessions, and maternity sessions, you can tell from what I post on my social media that senior portraits are a huge specialty of mine.  

4. Find a photographer who specializes in senior portraits!

She even has a changing tent for your outfit changes! You feel like an actual model by 15 minutes into your shoot, by the end you are a PRO! At the end, you leave feeling like you had fun evening just looking beautiful and chatting/laughing with your photog! You get your pictures back. You have a stunning collection of posed and candid moments that you are so excited to show off to your friends and family! So, which one are you going to choose?! LOL! If you said “scenario 2,” I am your girl! Photoshoots with me are fun and relaxed. At the same time, my shoots are directed so that you feel like a natural by the end of our time together! Follow your prospective photographer on Instagram and see if you think you would enjoy a session with them! DM them, respond to their stories, ask them questions, get to know them! 

Fun & relaxed!

You arrive to your photoshoot, excited and a tiny bit nervous, but mostly just excited because you feel SUPER prepared! Your photographer has been in touch with you several times regarding outfit choices. She has given you an entire guide on what to expect at your session. You have even texted a few times - you feel like you already know her! You meet your photographer and right off the bat you can tell she is so excited for your session. She asks you how you’re feeling. Your photographer wants to check out your outfits. She double checks your makeup to make sure you don’t need any touchups. Your photographer puts you in your first “pose,” and from there things just FLOW! She gives you directions throughout the entire shoot. At the same time, she chats and laughs with you and your “entourage" throughout your shoot!

Scenario 2:

You arrive to your photoshoot, excited but also nervous. You don’t know much about your photographer. Your photographer is quiet. They don't really give you any direction or posing, doesn’t ask you or your parent (or friend, whoever you may bring along) anything about yourselves, and you feel a bit awkward. You get your photos back and you look stiff and uncomfortable.

Scenario 1:

This is a big one, trust me. Let me paint two different scenarios for you.  

3. Find a South shore senior Portrait photographer whose personality fits your own!

Once you find your professional photographer, ensure that he or she has a good amount of experience in the field of senior photography.  You may come across a beautiful senior picture  on Instagram and think to yourself "Perfect!  If this photographer took this picture. then this is the photographer for me."  But wait!!  Make sure that the photographer has taken lots of OTHER beautiful senior pictures - not just one!!  You'll want to find a South Shore senior portrait photographer who has photographed tons upon tons of seniors, with consistently beautiful results.  

2. Find a photographer who has plenty of experience

It’s so important to hire a photographer who is licensed, registered, and trained!! Why? You and your parents are investing time and money into this experience. You are planning outfits, buying clothes, possibly hiring a hair and makeup artist, and you will have these photos forever!! A professional photographer is organized and will provide you with a contract. A professional photographer is trained in posing you to look your best. They will have high quality equipment, understand lighting principles, and use high end editing software to carefully edit your photos. How can you find out if a photographer is a professional photographer? Google their business name! Check out their website, read their reviews, and check out their social media while you’re at it!  


How to Choose a photographer FOR YOUR SENIOR PORTRAITS

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