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January 8, 2023

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I am beyond excited to share Elizabeth’s beautiful senior portraits! Firstly, if you are new to my blog, welcome! I’m Christina Runnals, a Central Massachusetts senior photographer specializing in photography that is light filled and natural. I reside in Scituate, Massachusetts and serve all of New England and beyond. My blog is a place where I like to highlight all of my latest sessions! If you’d like to learn more about my senior packages and book your own senior session, head to my homepage of my website now!

About the Session

Elizabeth’s original session had to be rescheduled because of weather. SO, we came to the day of her new session, and the weather looked iffy this time, but doable. It was the day after a big storm, so it was WINDY. I was teensy bit nervous if I’m being honest. This is because as an experienced Central Massachusetts senior photographer, it sometimes happens that wind can really mess with hair. However, if the wind cooperates, it creates the most stunning images of them all. Luckily, the wind ended up being the *perfect* (although chilly) touch to Elizabeth’s pictures. We began in a beautiful field, and we finished up at a nearby beach at sunset.

More about the Session | Portraits with Central Massachusetts Senior Photographer Christina Runnals

After our field location, we made the somewhat questionable decision (😂) to stick with our original plan and shoot the rest of Elizabeth’s session at the beach. When we arrived, it was clear we would not be staying long. The temperature had severely dropped (to 41 degrees) and the wind was blowing about 10 fold compared to the field!!! Most of the beach was totally unusable because of seaweed that had blown in from the storm the day before. However, I did find us this little “trench” of beautiful soft white sands that had been created by the storm. We literally HID from the wind in this trench to take the majority of our beach pictures!! As an experienced central Massachusetts senior photographer, I am used to making due with the circumstances I’ve been given whether I like them or not!

Would you like to see other senior portrait sessions of mine? You can head to my Instagram account or my website portfolio to see tons upon tons of other senior pictures I have taken!

Making the Best of What You’ve Got

Elizabeth was seriously a rockstar to make it through this crazy session✨. I’ll be honest, her pictures ended up being some of my favorites of all time. Which ones are your favorite, field or beach? I truly can’t decide. The field pictures are so stunning with the tall grasses and flowers swaying. Also, I absolutely love the second outfit Elizabeth wore, the camera loves colors like those. But then, the white sands at the beach and the sunset, oh my goodness. Stunning!!!

Scheduling Your Senior Pictures in Your Junior Year

If you need your senior pictures for your yearbook, you will likely need to have them done by October of senior year for most schools. Do keep in mind that you should contact me as SOON as possible to schedule. I recommend booking at least 6-8 months in advance. In other words, you should ideally have your session scheduled and your invoice paid by March or April of your junior year. However, I very often have clients pre-book their session as early as an entire year in advance! This is because they want to make sure they secure a prime spot. If you’re booking at the last minute and can’t get the date you want, there is an option to request a sunrise session. I can often make time for an early morning session while my children are still sleeping :-). Hope to hear from you soon!

How to Choose a Location for your Senior Pictures

As you can see, both field and beach senior pictures are AMAZING ideas for your senior portraits!! But as an experienced central Massachusetts senior photographer, I have seniors ask me to take photos in all sorts of different places. Many seniors want to take their pictures at the beach, and some opt for more of a field and tall grasses option. Other options are an urban, downtown setting, a flower field, a yacht club…. The possibilities are endless! I recommend choosing a package that offers TWO locations, such as my Sand Dollar Package. Having two locations give you such amazing variety in your pictures. You get different types of lighting, and tons of different backgrounds.

Floral Locations for Senior Pictures

Many of my clients ask to do their pictures in a flower-y location. I have several beautiful spots I love for pictures with flowers! It can always be fun to try new and different places too! I obviously love flower field senior pictures, they give you so many beautiful colors in the background.

Beach Locations for Massachusetts Beach Senior Pictures

As I mentioned, beach locations are very popular for senior pictures where I live! While I love field senior pictures, I also LOVE beach senior pictures! There are several beaches nearby where I live that I love to go.

Urban Locations for Senior Pictures

I LOVE taking pictures in a downtown location. This isn’t a very common ask from my seniors, but once in a while I get to do it! Brick walls, white columns, fountains, windows, stairs- these elements are the makings of amazing pictures!!

Field Locations for Senior Pictures

If you’re looking for less flowers and more FIELD, pictures in a field are stunning!

Locations with Boats

If your family are members at a yacht club (or you work at one!), or you have access to a marina, pictures with boats are AMAZING. The lines the sails create add such a cool element.

How to Book a Central Massachusetts Senior Photographer

Would you like to book Christina Runnals as your own senior photographer? Book your session, or find out more about a senior portrait session with Christina Runnals Photography! You can even view all of my pricing and package options here! It’s January 2023 as I post this, and spots are already filling up!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Christina Runnals is a nationally published and award winning Central Massachusetts senior photographer who specializes in taking photographs that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! She photographs senior pictures all over New England and it is one of her absolute favorite parts of her job.   If you are ready to book your senior pictures, she is always so excited to be considered !  Please check out her senior portrait session page here for more information!

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  1. […] of my pictures are taken either at a beach or in a field setting. Some of my clients opt for a flower field or an urban setting. Recently I’ve had a few […]

  2. […] of my pictures are taken either at a beach or in a field setting. Some of my clients opt for a flower field or an urban setting. Recently I’ve had a few […]

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