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January 12, 2023

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I am beyond excited to share Sydney’s beautiful senior portraits! Firstly, if you are new to my blog, welcome! I’m Christina Runnals, a Scituate Massachusetts senior photographer specializing in photography that is light filled and natural. I reside in Scituate and serve all of New England and beyond. My blog is a place where I like to highlight all of my latest sessions! If you’d like to learn more about my senior packages and book your own senior session, head to my homepage of my website now!

About the Session

Sydney had her session at my favorite beach, and she brought along her mom and her guitar!! Sydney is an incredible singer (like, actually truly incredible and could potentially be a big star someday). I was SO excited when her mom reached out to me to take her senior portraits! Sydney brought amazing outfits, I was a bit obsessed with the color of her orange top and her dusty mauve sweater. These colors photograph so gorgeously. She was a natural for the camera, so my job was easy!

Frequently Asked Questions for a Scituate Massachusetts Senior Photographer

When Should I Book My Senior Pictures?

This is usually the first question I get! I personally am honored to be in quite high demand for senior portraits, so if you are going to book with me I would recommend booking at least four-six months in advance. Some of my clients even book my senior portrait services up to a year in advance!! Find out more and book now if you are thinking of booking for this summer or fall!! If you are reading this blog post IN summer or fall and have waited until the last minute and I have no dates left, don’t let that stop you from joining my waitlist! I once in a great while have a last minute cancellation, or I see a spurt of beautiful weather coming and decide to open up a few extra dates! You can join my waitlist by heading here.

Where Should I Take My Senior Pictures?

Most of my pictures are taken either at a beach or in a field setting. Some of my clients opt for a flower field or an urban setting. Recently I’ve had a few clients have their pictures taken at a yacht club, which I was quite obsessed with. All are amazing options for your senior pictures, and as an experienced Scituate Massachusetts senior photographer I have tons of local spots I love to go. I love working with my clients to choose their location based on their personality and preferences!

When is the Best Time of Year for Senior Pictures in Scituate?

In my opinion, June, July, August, September, and October are the best times of year for senior pictures. The absolute MOST popular months here for senior pictures are August and September. I some parts of the country, senior pictures are taken all year long. However, here in New England, you are really only able to get a beautiful outdoor background (and not wear a snowsuit) in the months of May-November. Typically, yearbook pictures here are due in October or November, which is why most seniors here take their pictures the summer before or fall of their senior year.

What Should I Wear for My Senior Portraits?

This is a big one! I send out a style and session guide to all of my senior clients. My style guide gives you my best and top secret tips for how to nail your style at your session. And speaking of guides… I have created a FREE guide for you on what NOT to wear for your senior portraits! Download it today to make sure you don’t make any major wardrobe mistakes for your photoshoot!

Can I See Examples of Other Senior Sessions?

Yes, absolutely! You can check me out on Instagram or head to my senior portfolio on my website! I have tons upon tons of examples of other senior sessions!

Can I Bring a Friend or Family Member Along With Me to My Session?

Many of my senior clients love bringing a friend or their mom to their senior pictures, and sometimes they show up with a whole posse!! I love it!! I highly encourage you to bring along anyone you’d like who will make you feel more comfortable! And if you bring along no one, that’s fine too, we’ll still have fun 🙂

Should I have my makeup done for my senior portraits?

This one is a big old YES! I basically think it is necessary, unless you have FLAWLESS skin. The reason for this is that, yes, I can edit your skin, but it will look much more natural and “unedited” if you wear the proper professional makeup to your shoot. As an experienced Scituate Massachusetts senior photographer, I am telling you now, just trust me on this one!

Client Feedback

One of my favorite parts of being a Scituate Massachusetts senior photographer is hearing from my clients about how much they love their photos!

Ashley said: Christina is incredible! She’s so talented! She made my daughter feel so comfortable and she truly captured her essence. Her use of natural light is awe inspiring. I would not hesitate to recommend Christina to anyone looking for truly beautiful portraits.

Andrea said: Talented, organized, fun, creative, thoughtful…Christina is the best! I have always told my daughter she was born on a sunny day… and Christina captured that spirit with her bright and beautiful photos. Thank you! Thank you!

Michelle said: Christina is an amazing photographer! She made our daughter’s Senior photo shoot a truly magical experience resulting in absolutely beautiful photos!.We highly recommend her!

Scheduling Your Senior Pictures in Your Junior Year

If you need your senior pictures for your yearbook, you will likely need to have them done by October of senior year for most schools. Do keep in mind that you should contact me as SOON as possible to schedule. I recommend booking at least 6-8 months in advance. In other words, you should ideally have your session scheduled and your invoice paid by March or April of your junior year. However, I very often have clients pre-book their session as early as an entire year in advance! This is because they want to make sure they secure a prime spot. If you’re booking at the last minute and can’t get the date you want, there is an option to request a sunrise session. I can often make time for an early morning session while my children are still sleeping :-). Hope to hear from you soon!

How to Book a Scituate Massachusetts Senior Photographer

Would you like to book Christina Runnals as your own senior photographer? Book your session, or find out more about a senior portrait session with Christina Runnals Photography! You can even view all of my pricing and package options here!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Christina Runnals is a nationally published and award winning Scituate Massachusetts senior photographer who specializes in taking photographs that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! She photographs senior pictures all over New England and it is one of her absolute favorite parts of her job.   If you are ready to book your senior pictures, she is always so excited to be considered !  Please check out her senior portrait session page here for more information!

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