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Are you looking for South Shore Christmas mini sessions in Massachusetts? Are you a fun loving family who is looking for a photographer who loves to work with children? If you answered yes to all these questions, perfect! You are in the right place!

South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions with Christina Runnals

Christina Runnals Photography has an increase in demand at certain times of the year. This is particularly true right before the holidays! Mini sessions help me accommodate more families since the sessions are shorter and booked one after another. They are good for those families that want updated family photos but don’t necessarily need or want to spend the time required for a full portrait session. Our mini-sessions also make it easier on those who groan when they hear the word “family photos” (Dads and teenage boys… ahem….) 15 minutes for a photoshoot, no problem!! When people are looking for South Shore Christmas mini sessions, they love coming to me because of how well I work with the whole family.

South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions with Christina Runnals Photography
South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions with Christina Runnals Photography

South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions FAQs

I get a lot of questions about mini sessions, particularly Christmas mini sessions! Tis the season for holiday greeting cards after all. Everyone is looking for those perfect pictures for their holiday cards.

When can we book our Christmas mini session?

I typically hold my Christmas mini sessions in early November. The New England weather usually will hold out just about this long to make outdoor sessions possible. You will need to be on my email list in order to be alerted about my mini sessions. To add yourself to my VIP mailing list, simply visit my home page and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Where are your South Shore Christmas mini sessions held?

The location of my mini sessions varies from year to year! I live in Scituate, Massachusetts so they are always held within about 10 miles of where I live. If you have a special place you would like your photos taken, I recommend booking a full session with me!

What is the difference between a mini session and full session?

Mini sessions and full sessions are different for many reasons.

1. Location

One big difference between a mini session and full session is the location of the session. For a full session, you get to pick whatever location you’d like! With Christmas mini sessions, I designate the location. This is so that I can hold all sessions back to back.

2. Light/time of day

All of my mini sessions take place in the morning, a few hours after sunrise. A full session takes place either 1.5 hours before sunset or 45 minutes after sunrise for the absolute ideal lighting. I like to hold my mini sessions in the morning because typically young children are in better spirits at this time of day!

3. Time of year for South Shore Christmas mini sessions

As I mentioned earlier, my Christmas mini sessions take place in early November. A full session can take place at any time of year you’d like!

4. Length

The most obvious different between a full session and mini session is the length of the session! Mini sessions are typically about 15 minutes in length. Full sessions for families are approximately 1 hour in length. Surprisingly, full sessions are often a better choice for when you have small children because it sometimes takes them a while to “warm up” during a session.

5. Variety of pictures

Yet another difference between a mini session and full session is the variety in your images. My Christmas mini sessions produce a good amount of variety in our 15 minute allotment, but we can only do so much in such a short time! A full session will result in many more “poses” and different backdrops.

6. Number of images you get to keep

Another difference between mini sessions and full sessions is that with a mini session, you get to keep only a few of your pictures. Let me explain! After your Christina mini session, you will get a beautiful gallery of all your images with watermarks on them. You will get to choose a few (typically five) to download. If you’d like you can purchase additional images, or even purchase your entire gallery, for an additional fee! My South Shore Christmas mini sessions clients about 90% of the time decide to purchase their entire gallery. With a full session, you get a gallery of un-watermarked, high resolution images and they are all yours to keep!

7. Financial Cost

Of course, since a mini session is much shorter than a full session, the cost is significantly less!

8. Flexibility (or lack thereof…)

Mini sessions are non-refundable! If you must cancel, you may use the money you paid for your mini session toward a future mini session (although there is on guarantee the price will remain the same from year to year). You also must make sure you are available the day of the mini session (Saturday) as well as the rain date (Sunday).

9. Pets!

I unfortunately am not able to include pets at my South Shore Christmas mini sessions. However, pets are welcome at any of my full sessions!

South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions with Christina Runnals Photography
South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions with Christina Runnals Photography

Booking South Shore Christmas Mini Sessions

Are you looking to book South Shore Christmas mini-sessions? If you would like to book your own mini session with Christina Runnals Photography, I would be honored! You can always check to see if I am offering mini-sessions by heading to my mini-session page here!

Can’t wait for Christmastime? Book a full session now!

If you don’t want to wait until November to have your pictures taken, I suggest booking a full session with me! First, go to my website to find out all the details. You can find out about my packages and pricing as well. Then, go to my family booking page to easily book your session.

For your family session, do keep in mind that it’s always best to contact me as soon as possible to schedule! My calendar for the entire year does usually fill up by mid-summer. Hope to hear from you soon!

Christina Runnals is a nationally published family photographer who specializes in taking photographs that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! She photographs Christmas mini sessions on the South Shore once a year!   Make sure to be on her mailing list for mini session alerts. If you are ready to book a full session, she is always so excited to be considered.  Please check out her family portrait session page here for more information!

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