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June 16, 2022

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I am so very excited to share this beautiful session with you all! This session took place during my June Scituate mini sessions! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I’m Christina Runnals, a photographer specializing in creating images that are light filled and full of joy. My blog is a place where I showcase all of my latest sessions.

Four times a year, I love to offer Scituate mini sessions to my VIP mailing list! These mini sessions are extremely limited and are booked on a first come first served basis! These mini sessions typically cost between $295-$325* for a 15 minute session and come with five digital downloads from your gallery. 95% of my mini session clients end up purchasing their ENTIRE gallery, which is typically an additional $150*.

*Prices subject to change at any time

If you’d like to learn more about my family portrait packages and book your own family session, head to my website!

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites from the Jacobellis family’s Scituate mini session! And yes, we really took all of these pictures in FIFTEEN minutes. I run on a TIGHT schedule with a 5 minute window between each family!

Scituate Mini Sessions with Christina Runnals Photography

Since I run my Scituate mini sessions a few times a year, I get a lot of questions about them! I’d love to tell you about some of my most frequently asked questions, and give you my best answers!

What even is a mini session?!

A mini session is a very quick session, typically 10-20 minutes in length, that is scheduled back to back with other mini sessions. I hold mini sessions so that I can accommodate the many families who seek sessions with me, who maybe didn’t reach out in time to secure a full session! (My schedule for the entire year does book up by May or June). The other reason someone might schedule a mini session would be if they think their children (or husband lol) would do better with a very short photo session vs. an hour long session.

Should I schedule a mini session or a full session?

This is a hard one to answer! It’s really up to you and how you think your family will do with a quick photo session versus a full photo session. Something else to keep in mind, is that I hold my mini sessions in the early morning. These mini sessions are truly for my dedicated fans who are willing to wake up at 5:30 AM to get their family’s act together to get some beautiful pictures done!

Why are your mini sessions more pricey than other Scituate mini sessions I’ve seen offered?

I am a luxury photographer with extensive training in creating light, bright, crystal clear images full of emotion and joy. In addition, I have a specific photography and editing style that my clients are in love with. All of my sessions, including my mini sessions, include access to my amazing online custom styling tools for your family. I also provide my clients with a detailed guide for what to wear to achieve the look they are envisioning. So, if you are seeking a certain “look” to your photos, then, as they say, “you get what you pay for!”

When do your Scituate mini sessions take place?

I typically hold my mini sessions on one Saturday morning in June, September, October, and November. My June and September Scituate mini sessions are beach themed, my October sessions are autumn themed, and my November sessions are holiday themed.

How to Book

Would you like to book Christina Runnals for your own family portraits? Book your session, or find out more about a family portrait session with Christina Runnals Photography! You can even view all of my pricing and package options here! If you’d like to find out if I have any mini sessions currently booking, you should join my mailing list ASAP by scrolling to the very bottom of my homepage!

If you decide you’d like to go the full session route, do keep in mind that you should try to contact me as SOON as possible to schedule. I recommend booking at least 4-6 months in advance for summer and fall sessions. I often times even have clients book as early as a year in advance to make sure they secure a prime spot! If you’re booking at the last minute and can’t get the date you want, you could email me about a sunrise session. I can often make time for an early morning session while my children are still sleeping :-). Hope to hear from you soon!

Christina Runnals is a nationally published and award winning photographer for Scituate mini sessions. She specializes in taking photographs that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! Christina has photographed families and high school seniors all over New England and loves working with children of all ages.   If you are ready to update your portraits, she is always so excited to be considered !  Please check out her website for more information!

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