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Mother’s Day Mini Session | Sandy Beach Cohasset

I am absolutely in love with this precious Mother’s Day session that was part of my Motherhood Mini Session series! I am a photographer based in Scituate, so am often asked to photograph in nearby towns such as beautiful Cohasset! As a Cohasset photographer, I love finding beautiful places to bring my clients for their sessions. When Caroline and I originally planned this session, we were going to take the photos in a field setting. I woke up early the morning of the session, and saw that the weather was going to be cloudy! I typically do not love shooting in cloudy weather, but I love cloudy weather on the beach! So we made a last-minute pivot, since Caroline herself lives in Cohasset! It was a bit foggy and the fog diffused the light so divinely.

Portrait Sessions with Very Young Children

Caroline’s two adorable girls are ages 2 and 3. When you are having professional pictures taken with very young children, I recommend adjusting your expectations for your pictures. As an experienced Cohasset photographer, I have some advice! Don’t expect to have more than one or two pictures of everyone looking picture-perfect at the camera, smiling! This is very unrealistic in most cases!! Instead, prepare yourself for beautiful, natural, candid moments to be captured. Then, sit back, and allow the wonderful chaos of life to unfold. Lol! Just look at the images below. How gorgeous would any of these images look blown up on the wall in Caroline’s home?! A candid moments can often times look like a true work of art!

Book Your Own Portrait Session | Cohasset Photographer

If you would like to book your own portrait session with Christina Runnals Photography, I would be so excited to hear from you! Simply head to my website to find out more about family sessions, read about my pricing and packages here, and book right online!

Frequently Asked Questions for a Cohasset Photographer

As a professional Cohasset photographer, I get many repeat questions from clients. Read on for a few of my most frequently asked questions, and my answers.

What is the best time of year to schedule photos with a Cohasset Photographer?

This is a great question! If you have very young children with nap times and early bedtimes to consider, I recommend scheduling your session for early spring or autumn. This is because at those times of year, sunrise is late and sunset is quite early.

How far in advance should I schedule our family pictures with a Cohasset photographer?

As an in-demand Cohasset photographer, I always suggest reaching out to me as soon as you possibly can! My summer and fall do book up very quickly. However, sometimes I can fit someone in at the last minute!

How many pictures will we get back from you?

If you do a full session with me, you will have at least 50 edited photos in your online gallery. However, I tend to edit every single image I love from a full session, so it’s usually quite a bit more! If you do a mini session with me, you will get 15-20 photos in your gallery.

How do we book a session?

To book a session with me, simply visit my booking page and choose a package and date! Once I receive your booking request, I will send off a contract and invoice to you within 24 hours usually.

What will we do if it rains the day of our session?

As an experienced Cohasset photographer, I can tell you that living in New England means iffy weather at times! If it is looking like it is going to rain on the date of your session, we will reschedule of course! Another thing to consider is flexibility. If you are able to be flexible and can wait until the last minute, we can usually wait until an hour or so beforehand to decide whether or not to reschedule. Toddlers also make a big difference! If you are getting very little children ready for a session, the last thing you want is to have to cancel it an hour beforehand! So in that case, we would reschedule at least a few hours beforehand, if not more. If you are getting your hair and makeup done and need to know further in advance, we can make a decision the day before!

Why are most of your session dates offered on weekdays and not weekends?

This is a great question! The answer to this has a bit to do with the weather actually! I tend not to schedule sessions for weekends, especially in the summer. This is because if we schedule your session for a weekend in the summer, this results in an entire weekend that you and I both had to keep clear. If we have to reschedule for anther weekend, this results in an entire OTHER weekend we have to clear! Another reason I avoid weekends is traffic and beach crowds! As a Cohasset photographer, many of my sessions take place on beaches nearby. Therefore, I like to avoid weekends so that we can avoid crowds at the beach!

Christina Runnals | Cohasset Photographer

Christina Runnals is a nationally published Cohasset photographer who specializes in taking portraits that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! She is based in Scituate. She has photographed families all over New England and it is one of her absolute favorite parts of her job.   If you are ready to book a Cohasset photographer, she is always so excited to be considered!  Please check out her family page for more information on pricing and booking! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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