Are You Looking for Christina Runnels Photography? Oops, it’s Runnals, not Runnels!!

May 5, 2021

SO many people try to find me online with my name misspelled, that I decided to do a WHOLE BLOG POST on it!! 😂😂😂. I hear alllll the dang time from my clients that they had a hard time finding me at first because they were spelling my name wrong! Anyhow, so yes, it is RUNNALS, not Runnels. On a side note, it’s weird that no one ever looks for me as “Christina Reynolds Photography.” It’s always Christina Runnels Photography! Runnals is definitely a very uncommon name. My maiden name is Friedmann, which is also extremely uncommon because of two “n”s. So I guess I’m just fated to always have an unusual last name!

Well now that you are here, I might as well take this opportunity to introduce myself. You can either head to my website, or you can read a little about me and see some of my work! I’m Christina Runnals, a South Shore Massachusetts senior portrait photographer and family photographer. My photography style is often described as light, bright, and natural. My blog is a place where I showcase all of my latest sessions and favorite images!

I specialize in senior portraits, newborn photography, and family portraits. You can click on any of the links to learn more!

Keep scrolling to see a few of my favorites from my sessions over the years!

Senior Portraits

Newborn Portraits

Family Portraits

More about Christina Runnals Photography (NOT Christina Runnels Photography) 😂

Back to the name mixup for a moment: Christina Runnals Photography vs. Christina Runnels Photography. True story, everyone in my husband’s family (the Runnals family) has to do the same thing when giving our name to someone asking for it. I don’t just say: My name is Christina Runnals. EVERY time, I say: “My name is Christina Runnals R-U-N-N-A-L-S.” Like the spelled out letters are actually a part of my name lol!! And one day we discovered that we alllll do this. Do you have a “different” last name that everyone is always mixing up?? Leave it below in the comments!

Okay, back to my photography

Would you like to see more sessions of mine? You can head to my Instagram account to see tons upon tons of other senior, family, and newborn pictures I have taken!

How to Book

Would you like to book Christina Runnals for a portrait session? Book your session, or find out more about a session with Christina Runnals Photography! (Ahem… NOT Christina Runnels Photography).

For your portraits, do keep in mind that you should contact me as SOON as possible to schedule. I recommend booking at least 4 months in advance. I often times even have clients book as early as a year in advance! This is because they want to make sure they secure a prime spot. If you’re booking at the last minute and can’t get the date you want, you could email me about a sunrise session. I can often make time for an early morning session while my children are still sleeping :-). Hope to hear from you soon!

Christina Runnals is a nationally published and award winning Massachusetts portrait photographer who specializes in taking luxe senior portraits and family portraits that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! She has photographed senior pictures all over New England. It is one of her absolute favorite parts of her job.   If you are ready to book your senior pictures, she is always so excited to be considered !  Please check out her website for more information! And if you are looking for Christina Runnels Photography…. it doesn’t exist!! 😂

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