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September 20, 2020

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High School Senior Pictures

Kalyn’s High School Senior Pictures

Oh my gosh Kalyn’s high school senior pictures were SO fun to shoot! Kalyn had a whole awesome entourage with her! Kalyn’s mom and her two younger sisters came along for her session. As a result, we pretty much laughed the entire two hours! Kalyn made my day by agreeing in the first part of her session to sit in the middle of a field in an amazing antique chair that I found. Doesn’t she look just like a Disney princess sitting in it??!! I was so excited that she just happened to have brought the perfect dress to wear! I always love to look through my client’s outfit options when we arrive at the shoot, I love helping you pick out the perfect thing to wear!

Hitting the Beach!

After our field location, we went to my favorite beach spot, and I’m just a bit obsessed with her beach photos. Doesn’t she look like a young Drew Barrymore, and also Rachel McAdams, and also sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow?? And also Kate Hudson. I hope she knows who any of those people are, or else I’ll feel really old LOL. Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites from her stunning session.

If you would like to book your own high school senior pictures, contact me! I would absolutely love to hear about what you have in mind for your session!

Client Feedback

I just love hearing what my clients have to say about their photos! Kalyn said: “Thank you so much, I absolutely love them! I’m so happy you had the idea with the antique chair.  I’m obsessed with how all of the photos came out!”

Book your own high school senior pictures!

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Christina Runnals is a nationally published Massachusetts senior photographer who specializes in taking Cape Cod senior portraits that are light-filled, glowy, and full of joy! She has photographed senior portrait sessions all over the South Shore of Massachusetts and it is one of her absolute favorite parts of her job.   If you are ready to book your senior portraits, she is always so excited to be considered!  Please check out her senior portrait session page here for more information!

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